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Bridging the gap between lawyers and YOU. Haritan Law specializes in helping individuals and corporations resolve legal disputes involving contracts, insurance policies and claims, general liabilities and lawsuits.

We offer easy to understand legal advice and direction in a variety of legal matters and disputes. We stay on the pulse of modern technology and media, and have cultivated our own customized legal approach - all to give our client's sound legal advice and direction tailored to individual needs and concerns.  

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insurance DISPUTES

The world of insurance law is ever growing and evolving. We work with our clients to resolve insurance claim matters regarding residential and commercial property damage (tropical storms, hurricanes, flood, roof damage, fire, mold and more), auto, disability, in addition to professional & premise liability. With advise from attorneys that specialize in fighting insurance companies, you have a better chance of obtaining fair compensation for your losses. 

contracts & Agreements

The startup and small-medium business marketplace remains a new and fierce frontier that requires strategic structuring. Our attorneys are deeply entrenched in the particularities of incorporation, contracts, real estate, and the liabilities and lawsuits that face businesses. Our firm gives you a legal approach, so your company can weigh the risks and get the best competitive advantage while protecting itself from a liability and financial standpoint.

Liabilities & Lawsuits

At the end of the day, sustaining physical injuries or financial hardships as a result of an accident or incident caused by the wrongdoing of another person, company, or product is profoundly personal. That’s why we seek to obtain favorable settlements through strategic negotiations before stepping into litigation in all types of cases including car, boat, and work accidents, slip & falls, negligent security, products liability, wrongful death matters, and more. 

We use internet, software, and technology to provide you alternative options to hiring a lawyer directly. If you just need to put an agreement in writing, obtain other important documents or need quick advise we offer customizable information packages and other self-help resources. 

Our lawyers are licensed to practice law in Florida, and work with other lawyers and professionals across the U.S. via our online platform.


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